Prosperity For You


Kiwiroa Marshall is of New Zealand Maori descent and has lived and worked in the United Kingdom for over 30 years. 

She trained as an chartered accountant and spent many years working in the fields of financial systems implementation and support, and business systems and process improvements. 

She has owned and operated several businesses including a franchise, a training partnership and a network marketing business.

Kiwiroa firmly believes in the power of the mind and how our thinking creates our reality, and has experienced many “miracles” ranging from instant healings through to “magic manifestations” and “strange coincidences”.  Yet she believes that each of these is in fact, not miraculous, magical or strange but is created through the power of focused thought, and often dedicated action.

She is dedicated to helping you develop your mindset, knowledge and skills so that you can KNOW and EXPERIENCE the happniess and prosperity that you truly desire in your life.