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The UPLEVEL LIFESTYLE online opportunity is a global business which offers as its product line a suite of training programs and a business opportunity. It's community comprises independent like-minded consultants who want to radically improve their lifestyles, adding many more zeroes to their income, whilst helping others to do the same.


We work with people from all over the world who do not have the "KNOW-HOW" to achieve their dreams and desires. The UPLEVEL LIFESTYLE training and teaching offers comprehensive TECHNICAL tuition and provides step-by-step training to set up your very own global online business.


SUCCESS comes with strong MINDSET. The mindset training and one-to-one mentoring will guide, empower and excite you to achieve your biggest goals with exuberant confidence. This shift in mindset will also impact all other areas of your life including relationships, health and general well-being.


Included in the business programme is the opportunity to UPSKILL (at no extra cost) and receive a recognised Mindset coaching certificate, incorporating teachings from some of the most respected motivational leaders of the modern era.


You will also learn how to live your healthiest life, with experts in their fields providing training on exercise and nutrition that suits you, relevant to your age and gender, so that you are able to become the best version of you.


Want a taster of the program? We offer a 100% money-back 7-day trial which gives you access to the first 7 days of the programme for you to evaluate. 


Use our Contact page to request further information or a free trial.  

Uplevel One

A 13-week programme to help you with the mindset and basic tools to start your own online business.

Uplevel Two

A 10-month programme teaching you practical strategies on how to grow your business, and to help you further develop your business and prosperity mindset. Health and nutrition also come into focus.

Uplevel Complete

Uplevel Complete is a combination of the UL1 and UL2 programs. Included in UL2 and ULC is an opportunity to develop your coaching skills and add a mindset coaching certificate to your skillset.


Uplevel Lifestyles offers a work from home online business opportunity. Your results may vary and will be based on your individual experience, effort and desire. There are no guarantees concerning the level of success you may experience. We cannot guarantee your future results or success as in business there are unknown risks that we cannot foresee.


Internet businesses and earnings derived therefrom, have unknown risks involved, and are not suitable for everyone.  Making decisions based on any information presented in our products, services or web site, should be done only with the full knowledge that you could experience losses, or make no money at all. Only risk capital should be used.


Being a business owner is not suitable for the risk adverse.


While Uplevel Lifestyle offers comprehensive training, mentoring and support for its Success Consultants and Associates, including trainers and mentors and other leadership, nobody can make someone else successful. 


The business model, support structure and tools cannot make a person successful without their own substantial and sustained effort. All Success Consultant succcesses are the result of their own hard work and tenacity and a willingness to accept the responsibility for learning new skills and developing themselves as a business professional and leader.